Monje Campero

Rosa Esther, Julieta were the designers of the movie organization that is fantastic.

Impressed from the biographeris miraculous, inspired from the fascination he imbued having a wonderful need to subscribe to the La Paz tradition and triggered within the viewer community; They choose to begin a function that praises the artwork that was seventh to its highest-level.

Don José Luis Quintela Monje's Administration, has got undoubtedly that of a thinking and the attribute of development.

Because the first in 1965, when area of the framework modifications, deploy a layer and restore the display; It's apparent its passion to provide the area with improvements and greater benefits towards the pleasure of the market that is demanding.

The change of the beautification of the surroundings, the poor framework and also the complete restoration of its demonstration synthesize its remodeling.

The very best image-quality is attained by changing to some 1500-Watt xenon projection lighting from charcoal projection lights. For that most advanced of as soon as the system change will become necessary and decides with time, mounted in 1988 the Kintek Dolby Stereo Indicator Surround three dimensional sound program, which works together with 16 speakers flooding the entire space audio.

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